Activities at Marshmallows Nursery.

Engaging Your Children

We know children need to be engaged throughout the day – it improves their problem-solving skills, teaches them to ask for help, and encourages them to learn from one another.

That’s why we offer a range of entertaining and educational activities:

  • Indoor - Aerobics, dance, role-play, sand and water play, music from around the world and regular baking sessions. We have an indoor baby trampoline, seesaw and slide.
  • Community visits - We arrange visits from the local police and fire brigade to educate children on public services.
  • Gardening - We teach our children to harvest vegetables and plant flowers.

Outdoor Play

We always encourage our children to play outside. Playing outside develops their gross motor skills and keeps them connected to nature.

They also build their friendship groups and burn a lot of energy in the process.

Special Events

Our children develop their understanding of the world by taking part in special events throughout the year.

We are visited by zoo-lab, who bring creepy crawlies and rainforest snakes for children to see.

Swimming Lessons

Weekly swimming lessons are available for 3-and-4-year-olds at a local swimming school.

They’re provided by qualified instructors, and help children develop their social skills and self-confidence.

Swimming also helps them to develop physically by improving their cardiovascular fitness.

The children will work through their ASA Duckling Awards Scheme and will be awarded a badge and certificate at the end of term.