Our Toddler Room

We understand the importance of monitoring your child’s journey from nursery to preschool.

Smooth and gradual transitions make children happy. Every child is different, so we always consider their needs when moving them into another room.

Feeding Their Curiosity

The toddler room is a stimulating environment for 2+ year old children. Your child will make the transition from baby room to toddler room near their second birthday.

Our toddler room is separated from our baby room by a clear perspex panel. The children are familiar with their new environment as they’ve been peering in for a while!

They’ll be keen to explore and make new friends. In the toddler room, the staff ratio is at least of one staff member to four children.

We continue to operate the key person system. Your child’s current key person will work with their new key person for a smooth transition.

The new key person will establish a relationship with you and is the link between you and the nursery. They’ll continue to gather observations, photographs and pieces of work in your child’s ‘Learning Journey’.

We share the journey with your child, and you can still view it and make contributions.

Toddler Room Activities

The toddler room is the main room as well as a craft and messy play area. We have a story area where children sit and interact whilst playing with puppets.

We continue to develop skills through various activities including construction and messy play. Children also experience the use of numbers, shapes and colours.

They’ll enjoy newfound independence as they select their own activities and play experiences. We’ll encourage them to use the toilet and always reinforce positive achievements.

Your child will develop their social skills during mealtimes, and learn to take turns during play.