Our Baby Room

We understand the importance of monitoring your child’s journey from nursery to preschool.

Smooth and gradual transitions make children happy. Every child is different, so we always consider their needs when moving them into another room.

Homely, Welcoming and Stimulating

Our baby room is a haven for children from 0-2 years. It’s homely, welcoming and stimulating. This room reflects the varying needs of this particular age group. In the baby room, the staff ratio is at least one staff member to three children.

We operate a ‘key person system’ in this room. Your child’s key person will establish a relationship with you and will be your first point of contact. The key worker will develop a communication link between you and the nursery.

We complete a written record of your child’s time at nursery and hand it over to your child’s key worker. It provides you with all the information you need regarding your child’s day at nursery.

The key worker gathers observations, photographs and pieces of artwork to display in your child’s ‘Learning Journey’.

We share your child’s learning journey highlights and achievements at the nursery. You’re welcome to view and contribute at any time!

Baby Room Activities

We have an inviting, cosy area where children snuggle together and enjoy a story or play with puppets. We also have an adjoining sleep area. Your babies key person or practitioner observes them whilst they’re in a cot.

We ensure your baby follows their individual sleeping pattern and milk feeds. We’ll work with you to ensure effective weaning, introducing foods when you’re happy.

Babies need lots of early interaction, we talk, sing and play with them in groups and individually. We give plenty of love and cuddles, helping your child to feel secure, happy and confident.

We encourage social interaction, it helps them to become skilful communicators. It helps children to develop a sense of self and express their needs and feelings.

We arrange activities where our youngest children learn through their senses. They explain their thoughts as they discover different sights and sounds. We absorb children in discovery and exploration.

Heuristic play provides children with the opportunity to explore a range of materials. We use natural materials to encourage and promote exploration, imagination and development.

We encourage messy play, imaginative construction and small world play. We sing and tell stories to encourage children to develop into confident learners.

Children are eager to develop independence; our environment enables them to achieve this. Our indoor and outdoor environments are safe and secure. We have age-appropriate resources that aid curiosity, coordination and physical ability.