Preschool at Marshmallows

We understand the importance of monitoring your child’s journey from nursery to preschool.

Smooth and gradual transitions make children happy. Every child is different, so we always consider their needs when moving them into another room.

Confident, Motivated and Happy Children

Marshmallows pre-school is the largest of our three base rooms and children move to this room near their third birthday. Our pre-school children are aged from 3 to 5 years.

The staff ratio in the preschool room is at least of one staff member to eight children.

We continue to operate the key person system. Your child’s current and new key persons work together to help your child settle into the preschool room.

The new key person will establish a relationship with you and will be the link between you and the nursery.

They’ll continue to build a relationship with your child and document their activities in the ‘Learning Journey’. Your child will be more involved and will understand the journey they’ve been on. Of course, you’re welcome to share experiences in the journal.

Also, the pre-school profile enables us to plan how we can best meet the individual needs of your child. We do this to prepare confident, motivated and happy children for formal education.

Preschool Room Activities

We provide learning experiences and opportunities which are meaningful, active, and challenging. This motivates your child to become an active thinker and learner. They’ll have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities, including:

  • Imaginative and role play
  • Exploratory play
  • Sand and water play
  • Messy and creative activities
  • Music and story sessions
  • Language
  • Mathematical activities
  • Outdoor play

New activities include mark making and computer skills. Children become familiar with letters and numbers in our learning environment. Also, we introduce new mathematical concepts, language and literacy skills.

Staff always engage with your child, supporting them with their learning. Listening and questioning children helps us plan future activities. We encourage children to make choices and develop independence.

Life at Marshmallows is always exciting!